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Started from a post written for a personal development project I’m taking part – Whichway, I’m writing here a list with possible sources of happiness.
Some of them might work for you, some of them might not work for you.
They are what worked for me, in various times of my remembering and surprising experience.
Take them as they are and remember only one rule:

You are the owner of you own happiness.

There is no one there for you to make you happy.
Also please pay attention that your happiness may not ruin the other ones happiness.

The true sources of happiness is inside you. It is up to you to discover them and use them every way you can.

You can have as many sources of happiness as you want to have.

Some of the sources I will present in the next lines can be short-term happiness, but most of them are about long-life sustainable happiness.

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The order is based on randomness and linking of my own thoughts. It is not a top or an importance/priority element.

Here it is: 54 Sources of Happiness

1. Do what you like

Allow yourself for few moments to do whatever you like. Doing what you like gives you the feeling that you can fulfill your desires.
And this is one of the great sources of happiness.

2. Do what you think

This means to just start doing whenever you are thinking at. If you think to jump, just jump. If you’re thinking to say to someone something, just say it.
Do whatever, whenever without judging and just pay attention to the laws and not cross-passing the freedom limits.
This means you are walking the talking and putting your actions where your thoughts are.

3. Drop the social mask

Drop your social mask for a second and just behave like you feel.
Try to be natural.
This means if you don’t want to do something, just simply don’t do it.
It will for sure increase your sense of autonomy which is one of the sources of happiness.

4. Goal accomplishing

Each time we are touching a goal, marking a milestone, finishing something we live the feeling that we count.
Star with a small goal and finish it. This will bring you satisfaction.
And satisfaction is another key of happiness.

5. Doing something for a dream

Do an action toward one of your dreams.
No matter how big or small it is, it will bring you happiness just because you’ve just started to move closer to what your are dreaming.
Sometimes we can find happiness when we are on the road to one of our dreams. And sometimes the road brings much more than the destination.

6. Listen to your inner-self (listen to your instincts)

Listen to your instincts. Until now, our instincts bring us so far for thousand of years.
Listening to them means you are giving attention to yourself and you’re putting your actions on the same side with your unconsciousness mind, with your inner-self.
Making this alignment, bring into our lives the equilibrium to enjoy life and feel good.

7. Respect yourself

Respecting yourself is one of the ways to increase self-esteem which make you also feel good and gives energy to enjoy every day.
Also respecting yourself, makes others respect you and opens the communication.

8. Allow yourself to be complete

Allow yourself to be complete. This means to accept that from time to time you can behave either in a good way or a in a bad way.
Actually means discharging the judgement to put each action in one of the piles: good or bad.
Allowing to be complete, means accepting you and your actions and gives you the power to evolve and feel safe about everything you do.
And when you stop judging your actions, then you eliminate the little voice that makes you feel like crap from time to time.

9. Don’t take things too seriously

If you want you can transform each event into a joyful opportunity.
Imagine how they look into a new light.
What if the people around you were green or purple. What if they all have mustache or wear funny pants :)
Just add a piece of joy to your current picture of life.

10. Be aware of the choices

Be aware that you always have choices, possibilities, opportunities to learn, to evolve, to understand.
Being aware of your choices means to have an increase feeling of autonomy, of the fact that you are creating your life.
And this is a strong feeling of happiness, as it give you the power to create whenever you like in your life.

11. Know yourself

When you know yourself, what you want, what you desire, when you feel good, when you feel bad. When you’re in the mood.
Then you can recreate each time you want the proper conditions to bring joy and happiness in your life.
For example, for me just writing this article down, makes me happy. Cause I will have a written tool to bring happiness in my life.

12. Smile

There are tons of materials about smiling.
Just remember one thing: you can smile no matter where, no matter what, no matter how you feel.
Cause even a face smile, can generate a real one.
And smiling is one of the best happiness moments we have.
Or just look at someone who is smiling.

13. Laugh

So when you want to bring your happiness to the highest points, laugh.
You can just start to fake a laugh and then laugh about your fake laugh.
This works almost every time.
Or watch comedies, read a funny book, read some jokes, tell a joke. Whenever makes you laugh and then try to re-create the same moments later on, by yourself. This way you will have the choice to laugh whenever you want.
Or just look at someone who is laughing.

14. See the potential in you

Each time I discover I can do something I didn’t think of, I’m happy.
Try to see what you can do and you didn’t think of.
Whenever you are discovering something that you can do, it will increase your happiness as result of discovering the wonder you are.
I for example just learned how to juggle. Try it yourself.

15. Look at a happy person

Happiness is a contagious feeling. The same way smiling and laughing is.
Just look for a couple of moments to the face of a person who is happy and you will start to feel the same way.
It works due to mirror-neuron. It is the gift we have all to copy the feelings of others by mirroring their facial and body language.

16. Being aware that you walk your road

Walking your road, being aware that your are on your own path, feeling the sense of your existence is one of the key ingredients of happiness.
It triggers the satisfaction and well-being feelings and rise up your energy.

17. Doing your best

You don’t need to win every time to feel happy.
Just doing your best in each situation can make you happy. Cause it allows your greatness to become alive.
And when you’re great then the world is the happy place on the Universe.

18. Listen to the music

Listening to some music. Try with african music, try with classical music, try something energetic, something with rhythm.
The rhythm of the music can easily transform your inner-rhythm and can raise your level of happiness.

19. Meet with friends

Socializing is another key component of human behavior.
And inside a group of friends where the social barriers are lowered, the atmosphere can be joyful and happy.
Do some activities you all like. Share some memories, plans the future or just enjoy the moment you are in together.

20. Play games

Play some social games, or childhood games.
There are plenty of resources available on the internet or just asking around about such games.
These type of games are the ones that combines key components of human behavior (socializing) with alpha state of the brain.
And this combination is one of the high power happy states you’ll ever have.

21. Write about yourself

Make a list of your strong points or your successes and how you got them.
Be your central character in the successful story of your life.
Just pointing out the successes you had so far, give you a beautiful moment. It is happy to review and share (if you like) what you’ve accomplished.

22. Learn new things and play with them

Learn something new and then try to play with it.
Just play with what you’ve learned, tell your friends about it. Tell to the world.
Learning something new make you feel more in touch with the environment, with what is around you, with what exists in the world.
Also it is a good exercise for educating yourself to be open to new and enjoy learning new things.

23. Watch a comedy

Just by watching a comedy your good mood increase and you can obtain a few moments of happiness.
If even does not matter how good or bad the other rated the movie.
Enjoy it, do not think at the IMDB rank, or Oscar or any other grades. Enjoy it and laugh as much as you can

24. Look for positive feedback

You know the persons who can give you a positive feedback.
Go for it. Ask for it. And as a tip, as for a written feedback. You can enjoy it multiple times later.
Reading a couple of positive feedback can be one of the top moments of a day or week or month :)

25. Explain what you do to your siblings

Most of the time they encourage you. And if one is not doing this, you can always talk with another siblings.
In most of the cases your family will behave like this. Maybe not from the first time, but eventually they will support you.
And when they do it, when they understand you and support you, then there is this unbelievable feeling, that you found your place in the world or that your existence has a meaning or whatever triggers your good feelings by being part of the family.

26. Wake up dynamic

Try to wake up directly. Without laziness, leave the bad and go up.
Try some small morning exercises. When you’ll finish them, they will definitively spike up your energy.
And being energetic in the morning makes the world shine with you.

27. Share what you know/what you’ve learned

Talking about what you know, what you’ve discovered or what you learned is transforming the past to a beautiful experience.
Washing it and present it in a forms that awake the greatness in you.
Share with others. This will make you feel good, feel that you can make a difference. And you’ll do it.
Remember sharing is caring and what you’ll get back only by sharing it is precious. Enjoy the sharing.

28. Play with communication

Read articles/books, watch materials about communication. Go to some trainings about it.
And then start playing it in your daily life.
A wonderful world will just open in front of you. Play with it, communicate and enjoy understanding what others are communicating.
Play with body language, with facial expressions, with your look or words.

29. Listen the personal stories of your friends

When someone is trusting you to share something personally, listen to it very carefully. Do not interrupt.
Most of the cases they will recognize your friendship, value it, no matter if they are saying this in words or not.
And knowing that you are a good friends, can be one of the reasons why you feel happiness.

30. Don’t plan a day

Take one day and don’t plan any second for it.
Let it be with the flow. Do whatever comes. Do not hurry. Do not look at the time.
Just be in the moments and this feeling will give you enough happiness to make the day special.

31. Plan a day

Plan each moment of a day and follow your own planning.
This triggers a feeling about being the master of your own life and it is as joyful as the number 30 – Don’t plan a day.
It is all about doing whatever you like yo do

32. Dance

Dance where you are. Did you ever tried to dance on the street? Or in the subway, or at the office or at home.
I’m talking about dancing for the joy of dance. Alone or with others.
And did you every tried to dance with closed eyes? Try it :)

33. Go on a trip in some new places

Discover new places and visit them.
And if you cannot leave your city, plan a trip even in your city and just enjoy the walk, the people around you, the nature, the buildings.
Everything that’s new an comes in your way. I’m sure you can find some places where you’ve never been. Go there and visit them.
Discover the wonders and enjoy them.

34. Help someone

Help a stranger. Help someone that needs a help.
Make some good to someone, especially without being seen. Keep it for yourself and the happiness will raise to levels where never been before.
Say something beautiful to a stranger. Say you appreciate someone you encounter during your day.
Or let a flower on a desk of a colleague. Or a picture with a smile. Don’t tell it is from you.
Or pay for a candy for the next customer in line

35. Call someone to ask how they are doing

Do this by simply saying: “Hello! How are you doing in the last time?”. Or whatever comes in your mind, but do not create motifs. Just say you wanted to catch up and see how they are doing.
Most of the cases they will be very happy about your call.
If you cannot think at someone you didn’t contacted for a long time, call the first person you know and comes to your mind.
Or send an email :)

36. Do some sport

No matter the sport you’re doing, it will raise up your endorfines. And they are can make you very happy.
Choose a sport and start doing it. You don’t need to become a champ. Do it for fun :)
It improves your healthiness!

37. Hug

Just hug someone. If you cannot do Free Hugs, then hug someone you know.
It is proven that hugging relax us and make us more happy.
Hug someone right now!

38. Be the owner of your happiness

Think that you are the only one responsible for your happiness. Then make a list with what you think it will make you happy and depends only on yourself.
And do the first thing on the list. See how you feel about it :)
When you know that your happiness depends only on you, then you already start to feel happy, only for that. Cause you can!

39. Eat some chocolate or some fruits

You can eat some chocolate or ice-cream of fruits or whatever you like.
Let yourself enjoy it, enjoy preparing it or buying it and eating it.
No regrets attached!

40. Involve in social campaigns or volunteer at an NGO

Involve in life of society around you and trying to improve it, raise the feeling of being human and having a place where you belong.
Also makes you feel happy because your are doing some good for benefit of the others. That you give something back to society.

41. Read some literature

Reading some literature, makes your imagination fly.
Read books you like, novels or anything that triggers your imagination.
Reading something you like makes time fly and it just means you’re in the moment, enjoying it.

42. Know someone people

There is a beautiful fascination when you’re talking and communicating with someone new.
It brings the wonderful game of childhood to discover the other by questioning, playing, asking, demanding or just sharing.
Getting to know someone new, it is an old ancient games and nature support it by secreting some hormons in our brains and make us not see defects.
We are only noticing good parts in the other. And so is the other thinking about us.
You can play with your image, with your communication.

43. Remember happy times

Just by knowing that you’ve been happy a couple of days ago, it can be enough to make you happy now.
It is just that simple. Remember that moment and part of you will act like it is happing right now.
This is how our brains it is working and how our imagination it is working.

44. Breath, feel the air inside

Focus on your breath is it a good exercise to let go all the tensions.
No need to a special technique. Just breath deeply and focus on the air you’re inhaling and exhaling.
It makes you relax cause the oxygen invading your body brings new perspectives and remove the tension.
Try doing this outside, in the nature. In the middle of the flower. Or whatever place you like the smell.

45. Meditate

If you want to take to a level the breath, then do some meditation.
The feeling it brings, only by focusing on the meditation it is a deep, beautiful relaxation.
Get in touch with your inner-self, your body, yourself.
Making it often enough, brings a special state of happiness and perspectives on the daily issues.

46. Take a walk

Take a walk in one of your favorite park. Alone.
Take a look of what is around you. The trees, the grass, the people.
Walking improves good health and in the same time rises the level of happiness by just being in the moment and in contact with the nature.

47. Be happy of being here and not there

Just notice that you are here, in this particular spot or moment of your life. Appreciate it cause it makes you who you are, who you will be.
It is part of you existence. And when you become aware of every piece that is part of your existence then you notice the happiness that lives inside every moment.

48. Love and let others love you

Love someone. Express your love. Feel your love.
And allow yourself to be loved. Accept the gifts, the talks, the sharing, the whispering, the touching.
Enjoy every sensation and everything will start to be part of your happiness. Every piece of the world, every step, every tree or leaf.
You can fly and you know it!

49. Discover new sources of your success

Do not wait for a specific result. Just by getting a result it is a source of success.
Appreciate it and celebrate it as it deserves.

50. Discover a meaning of an event

When discovering a meaning of an event that happen to you, it is like you know that the Universe know about you and care about you enough to make that happen.
And what could be more joyful than knowing that a whole Universe did something to make that for you.

51. Learn a life lesson

Look to you past and try to discover the lesson from it.
And when you find one lesson, only one, you then know that everything that happen, it is not good nor bad. It was there for you to learn it and become the great human that you are today.
And you are great cause you just learn something from your own life. Apply it without any hesitation

52. Hope

Let the hope be in you. See the hope in the world.
Knowing that the future will be good can make you happy in the present.
I’m not for hoping with action, so use it carefully. And do something about it in order to make the happiness sustainable in your life.

53. Be spontaneous

Here is one definition I like about being: Do whatever, whenever, no matter of the consequences. This is true freedom to express yourself without any restrictions.
I’m not saying not to plan the place to be spontaneous or the time. Sometimes you need to do it in order not to hurt yourself, or hurt others.
Create the environment and go. Do it until you feel you are spontaneous.

54. You

Like I’ve said in the beginning, you are the source of your own happiness

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29 thoughts on “54 Sources of happiness”

    1. Lucian says:

      You’re right. The number #9 was missing. I recovered it. Was lost when I’ve filtered the initial draft of the article.
      Thank you for noticing me about it! Enjoy :)

  1. Miri says:

    :) :) cool :) do u know why I like number 39?

    1. Lucian says:

      Why? Maybe because you’re already practicing it and brings you results? :))))))

  2. Alex Molnar says:

    Felicitari pentru post!!!!!!!!
    Care dintre cele enumerate iti place cel mai mult?

    1. Lucian says:

      Thank you Alex.

      I like all of them as I’ve experienced all in different moments in my life

  3. Miri says:


  4. I’m really curious and gave lot of thought to it: do you think that money could be a source a happiness? thanks :)

    1. Lucian says:

      Money by their own cannot be a source of happiness. Except the case when this is a hobby like Numismatics :)

      What you can do with money in our current human society can be seen as a kind of source of happiness.
      So money can be a source of short-term happiness as it allows one to buy some things like chocolate, ice-creams, cars and whatever that one desire
      Or make some trips to beautiful places :)

      But all these things are materials ones, they last a short time and then disappear in the passage of time. They have impact only on material level of existence.
      The memory of holding or keeping such a material goods are not strong enough to last a long period of time. They cannot compare with for example the happiness of a memory of some beautiful words you heard from a close friend. From the enthusiasm about a think you did.

      And in the end almost any type of pleasure or short-term happiness that can be bought with money, can be obtain without them. I think this is the illusion of our current consumer society.

      I’m curios what do you think about this?

      1. well :) I think that Zig Ziglar put it right: “Money won’t make you happy… but everybody wants to find out for themselves.”

        1. Lucian says:

          :)))) good saying :)

  5. PH Paper says:

    ~;” I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information ,:*

  6. clarevel says:

    :) reading on this makes me happy. thanks for sharing Lucian

    1. Lucian says:

      I’m glad you like this article Clarevel :) and it is a reason for you to be happy.

  7. stanley says:

    Hi i like your article especially no 11.thanks for this.

    1. Lucian says:

      You’re welcome :) and yes, I would chose one item from that lise to take it with me, and only one, probably number 11 would be among the final list.

  8. Ivan says:

    I really enjoyed this reading, Lucian, I am going to print this info out and display it on my wall to see it everyday and remember how lucky we are just for being here and how easy is to be happy if we really want to!

    1. Hey Ivan, Welcome here :)
      I’m glad you liked the info, found it useful and you’re planning to use it.
      I think that the list can be a whole lot much more and that each of us have many many ways of being happy.
      We just have to be aware of them.
      Enjoy your life :) and see you again here

  9. Prashanth Pujari says:

    I was very depressed before reading. But after reading this it gave me a reason to live for myself.

    1. Hey Prashanth Pujari :)
      I’m happy you found the list helpful.
      This is one of the reasons I decided to publish it, to be a source pf inspiration for happinness for others.
      And I think living for yourself is the best reason for happiness.
      Enjoy your life :)

  10. Mikey D says:

    I’m glad you included #3 or dropping your social mask. Most people don’t really think about it, but we act differently in social situations than we do when we are alone.

    If we just act more sincere to our true nature, as though we were not trying to impress others or hide something, we would be much happier.

    1. Mikey :) yes, totally agree with you. The feeling of freedom and easiness when dropping the social mask is one of the most amazing happiness moments.

  11. Queensally Mudasiru says:

    Its really helpful.GOD bless question is,can forgiveness be a source of happiness?

    1. Thank you Queensally. This is a very interesting question. Yes, I think the act of forgiving can be a source of happiness.

  12. Chris says:

    First of all: brilliant post! It came up 1st when google-ing ‘happiness sources’ and it was the only relevant link in the top ten results :D
    My question for you is: can you clarify or expand on #16? I feel that there’s something I’m missing there.
    Thanks and keep up the good stuff!

    1. Thank you Chris :)
      About number 16: it is related mostly to happiness generated by awareness that you are in control of your own fate.
      And what I’m trying to suggest there is that if you allocate time to sense this, to reflect on it, this simple fact can be a source of happiness.
      This is what I wanted to express with “being aware that you walk your road”

  13. Zahra Adam says:

    hey Lucian Ghinda, your article inspired me that i’d like to quote some parts of it in a Documentary movie I’m working on. :D Do you give me the permission or is there a copy right? :P

    1. Hey Zahra,

      You can quote it in your Documentary. I would really like to see the Documentary when it is really if this would be possible.
      Glad you enjoyed the article and it inspired you.
      Success with your movie

  14. Katherin says:

    Excellent web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours nowadays.
    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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