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Health and Food

Summary: This week the links in section Health and Food are talking about link between weight and brain size, studies about sitting, the link between modern life and obesity.

“As your weight goes up the actual physical size and function of your brain goes down” – this is from a study made by Daniel Amen, who studied 63.000 brain images across 90 countries in 20 years.
You should watch this because it has so many discoveries about what you can do to improve your brain, what is good or not for your brain and much more:

Actually the studies about sitting might drawn rush conclusion to link sitting and health conditions. It might be the life habits of the ones who sit:

Here is a new research about the link between the way we live, obesity and they way our ancestors lived, being know that they didn’t had any issues with obesity. The most intersecting fact is that they burned almost the same number of calories as an office worked form our days:

Learning and Education

Summary: This week the links in section Learning and Education are talking about fiction books, new social media website for readers, book recommendations, resources for online learning.

If you want to read some good fiction books, here is an impressive list of books with description for each one of them:

A place where you can connect with your friends and share what you read:

If you just finished a book and wondering what you want to read next, there is a books recommendation engine based on an author or book that you read:

A place containing many, many resources of online learning:

Mind and Soul Development

Summary: This week the links in section Mind Development are talking about confirmation bias, limiting believes, color Red, waiting for approval.

You know that time where everything seems to confirm your theory? It is called confirmation bias:

Transform your limiting believes into positive ones:

The presence of the color Red makes you push for a better deal:

An interesting list to read especially if you’re waiting for someone else’s approval of way you’re currently planning to do:

Business, Working, Productivity, Society

Summary: This week the links in section Business, Working, Productivity are talking about explaining development process, retirement plans, Steve Jobs, crowd founding site, solving problems, books recommendation, personal finance, productivity and guilt.

Many ideas about how to explain development process to people who never programmed. This is helpful especially if you’re a programer or managing a programming department:

A well written analyses of what happens with retirement plans. You should read this even if you’re still young (like me) and you’re not yet thinking at retirement. I would say, read it specially if you’re young:

Was Steve Jobs an inspiration or a cautionary tale? A very interesting article analyzing Isaacson‘s books and other stories:

A crowd funding website for personal projects:

Heart. Head. Hand. A three word technique for solving a stuck problem. This method is moving focus on what really matters:

Analyzing reasons why people don’t delegate and best practices about delegating:

[Book Recommendation] Getting Real a book about entrepreneurship in IT written by the creators (37Signals) of Basecamp, now available online for free:

I think everyone needs to read about personal finance and wealth advices. Here is an article structured in 7 Wealth Rules:

A great article about productivity and the guilt of not getting things done, containing some common sense yet very intersecting perspectives and advices:


Summary: This week the links in section Science are talking about measuring Universe, man, women, parts, whole, structure of human brain, map of human brain, physics trick, scale of the Universe, how we see.

This article explains how we can measure how big is the Universe, ending with conclusion that we’ll never know how big is the Universe because we can see a very very small part of it:

Did you ever wondered what we’re seeing when we first look at a man and when we first look at a women? Seems like we perceive men by looking at the “whole” and women by looking at details, at “parts”:

Map of the human brain and it’s simple structure that can generate so complex things. Amazing:

Amazing trick with a battery, a magnet and cooper wire:

Play with the scale of the Universe. Nice animation to understand differences on scale between objects around us:

An experiment about how blind people see, came to this conclusion: “humans can sustain sophisticated visuo-spacial skills in the absence of perceptual awareness”


A course examining the majority rule and it’s role in democracy:

A big subjective comparison of Germany and the United States:

[Training] A 8 days training in nature with outdoor activities, sports in Germany:

That’s it for this week :)

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