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[Video] A good (and long) documentary about combining design and business:

Ideas about some subjects considered so far untouchable:

About passion, creating it, using it, growing it:

I like how it starts “You are not your mind”:

You should read this, it is somehow funny: Why the incompetent don’t know they’re incompetent:

Good collection of quotes:

Again about biases, now presented in a funny context: WHY SMART PEOPLE ARE STUPID?

If you ever heard “If you have nothing to hide … ” and ever thunked I don’t have but I don’t have nothing to show you either:

Start your next staff meeting with five minutes on the question: “What has gone right since our last meeting?”:

A short writing about ultra-learning:

Short and simple article, describing 5 believes that are keeping you away from success:

Valuable insights about shopping experience in Apple Stores:

Learning experiences from pareting:

That’s it for this week :)

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