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The title is inspiring: You philosophy can lead thousands

If you’re searching for innovators, here are 5 tips how to find them. Be sure there are a lot more, but these 5 seems pretty logical:

If you need some words to auto-motivate yourself:

Seventy big thinkers talking about what matters most in a 82 pages PDF:

The teacher’s observation is actually influencing the evens itself:

[Videos] Maybe you saw them until now, but collections like this always worth to watch them again:

Research on “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”:

Questioning the assumptions about building a startup:

Valuable insights about shopping experience in Apple Stores:

How we gave colors names, and it messed with our brains:

How to build a standing desk with 22 dollars:

What they don’t tell you about public speaking:

Some example of bossless businesses:

A bit more about the role of an organization in society: should it behave like a person?

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