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About me

I have worked in the tech industry for over 20 years and specialized in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I also have good knowledge of Sinatra and started to work with Hanami 2.

In the capacities of Senior, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, and Product Owner, I've leveraged my skills to bring about substantial improvements and help my team succeed.

I am a generalist with a deep knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. My experience and knowledge of what makes a product successful and how projects are delivered complement my technical skills to create innovative products and solutions for end-users using technology.

Part of the Cookpad team, I worked with one of the most comprehensive Rails codebases. My Senior Ruby on Rails developer role has enabled me to contribute significantly to the Cookpad web platform while using Hotwire. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to devise innovative features for our product has been a rewarding experience.

Previously, as a founding member and Senior Ruby Lead Developer at Acertivo, I worked towards the noble cause of enhancing mental health through a web app. This endeavor allowed me to design an application from the ground up and manage a part-time team dedicated to evolving our app.

My tenure as a Senior Ruby Backend Engineer at Highstreet Mobile saw me constructing high-performance REST APIs using Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.

As an Innovation Product Owner at METRO SYSTEMS Romania, I led a team dedicated to fostering an innovative culture and pushing the boundaries of product innovation. This unique blend of senior developer and product owner responsibilities enabled me to apply innovative frameworks and methodologies like Design Thinking and Design Sprint while helping technical teams to understand how to use their technical knowledge to create new solutions and enhance their product. I facilitated brainstorming sessions for fresh ideas and worked closely with the Innovation Group and managing directors to expedite MVP or proof of concept implementations.

Through my venture and freelancing endeavors, I've concentrated on delivering software products that genuinely benefit the end user. I manage all aspects of the software delivery process, from ideas to shaping the product based on user needs, architecting the final solution, and delivering it to production.

Imparting tech-related knowledge and crafting enriching learning experiences is a passion of mine. I've developed several training programs to equip IT professionals with new programming skills, fostering continuous learning and growth in their careers.

I founded DevAcademy in 2013 because I have a passion for teaching. At DevAcademy, I worked with a team of experienced developers to mentor and guide junior developers in developing both technical and interpersonal skills.

Regardless of my role, I've always strived to keep my programming skills sharp and up-to-date. I've consistently utilized Ruby to enhance or automate my tasks, even during my tenures as Engineering Manager and Innovation Product owner.

I offer robust technical expertise, extensive experience in team management, and a profound understanding of the software industry.

I eagerly look forward to exploring new opportunities to apply technology in ways that can deepen our comprehension of the world and enhance our lives.

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