Employee Experience (EX)

Create a culture focused on helping employees be more innovative and engaged.

I am focusing on helping companies or teams to change the way they work to fit a culture of pro-active, entrepreneurial and engaged employees. I use my mix of technical background, innovation and entrepreneurship to work together with you and your colleagues to eliminate processes, to create events, to facilitate creativity and to bring innovation inside your current products and teams.

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Building Products
Solving Problems

From idea to deployment, with focus on delivering business value

I am helping you clarify the problem you want to solve and the needs of your stakeholders. I create the strategy, I build prototypes from scratch, I validate solutions and provide analysis of what to choose. I can also implement, deploy and maintain web based products.

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Immersive Learning Experiences

I design and deliver learning experiences focused on group dynamics for any IT crowd

I create learning architectures for all kinds of events. The best solution is to use my experience as programmer, tester, product owner and entrepreneurs to design the best eco-system of learning starting from the target group and using a mix of old-school and advanced tools.

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